Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do You Have Questions About Our SE Calgary Dental Services?

Mirage Dental is always here to address the oral health needs of everyone in your family; we firmly believe that every patient deserves personalized care and attention, with the goal to create a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles! We are asked many questions during a regular day, and it is always our goal to answer them all! We have compiled a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) to help you learn more about Mirage Dental.

If you have any question that is not answered in our list of FAQs, please do not hesitate to call us at (403) 272-1500 and we will be happy to help you.

Mirage Dental FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are you accepting new patients?

A: Yes! Mirage Dental is always accepting new patients. If you have just moved to Calgary or you need a dentist in the area, please contact us at (403) 271-1500, and we will be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

Q: How long has Mirage Dental been helping families attain optimum oral health?

A: Mirage Dental is proud to have been helping families with their oral health for over 40 years! And we hope to continue to do so for years to come!

Q: Why should I choose Mirage Dental as my dental health provider?

A: Mirage Dental is proud to provide a comprehensive range of dental services, to meet all of your oral needs. We have a dedicated and friendly team with extensive experience providing oral health care. From the moment you enter our clinic, we regard you as family, and our staff will always welcome you! We work hard to provide you with excellent dental care, and we are committed to making sure you are always smiling.

Q: Do you take insurance?

A: Yes! Mirage Dental accepts almost all insurance policies. We will also direct bill to your insurance company so that you only need to pay your patient portion.

Q: Can you check my insurance policy details?

A: Due to privacy policy regulations, we are unable to gather information about the particular details of your insurance coverage. The patient is ultimately responsible for knowing the details of their insurance coverage. However, we can send in a predetermined cost outline for patients so that they can find out exactly what is covered if they are concerned about coverage.

Q: How much will I have to pay for a dental service?

A: What you pay for a dental service depends on the treatment required, and if you have insurance, it will depend on what your portion is, as outlined in your insurance policy.

Q: I am afraid to visit the dentist. How can you help me?

A: The Mirage Dental team is well educated and experienced when it comes to anxious patients. We are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, and we will work with patients to help decrease any potential anxiety. We also offer sedation dentistry options that may benefit nervous patients.

Q: What do you offer for entertainment or distraction during dental work?

A: Mirage Dental is pleased to offer TV’s in the operatories for patient enjoyment.

Q: I have a dental phobia. Do you offer nitrous oxide or other forms of dental sedation?

A: Yes! Mirage Dental is proud to provide sedation solutions in order to help you through any dental phobias, so you can receive the treatment you need.

Q: Is there a charge for missed appointments?

A: As with all other medical and dental offices, we ask that our patients give us a minimum of 48 hours cancellation notice. Otherwise, we charge $75 for no-shows or short notice cancellations. Please visit our appointment and office policies page for additional details.

Q: Does your clinic offer the latest in dental technology?

A: Mirage Dental keeps up to date with the latest technologies, so our patients can rest assured that they have the very best services available to them.

Q: Does the dentist take continuing education courses and stay up to date with the latest techniques?

A: Our dentist is proud to always keep up to date by taking continuing education courses in order to be able to provide patients with the very best treatment available and the latest technology possible.

If you have any questions that are not answered above in our list of FAQs, please do not hesitate to
call us at (403) 272-1500 and we will be happy to help you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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